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  1. ecprpaul
    hey tina! how is the prolapse coming along?
  2. ecprpaul
    wanna cam?
  3. ecprpaul
    managed to anal fist someone over the weekend, and a nice little video. It was on her camera, i'll ask if she will send it!
  4. ecprpaul
    one pic of me in group plus more... i wanna see the photos from tonites action!
  5. ecprpaul
    my fone is 0
  6. ecprpaul
    i did, i was wanking over the site and i'd thought id check... cool some pics of me fully dressed attached... enjoy destroying your arsehole, i wanna cum in u and watch u gape and squirt my cum out back at me... and lick away ...
  7. ecprpaul
    u on now?
    lets fukin go!!
  8. ecprpaul
    i'll post some within the week... Im from the midlands (town called Loughborough) soon to move to the south east (maidstone, kent)... I'm 23... young enough for ya! lol i would love to "train" with you so we can both pop out... its shame your the other side of the world because i want my tongue deep in your cute puckered up arsehole babe...
  9. ecprpaul
    I've just seen your profile on awork... yummy
  10. ecprpaul
    I would love to hear how you want to develop you fetish and whether you have any further plans on developing a community/prolapse club! Pqueen seems busy being a juicey arsehole slut, maybe you could help her!
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